high quality olive oil
  • high quality olive oil
  • high quality olive oil
  • high quality olive oil
  • high quality olive oil


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We invite you to enjoy the incredible world of sensations that Cladium Extra Virgin olive oil can offer. In each drop you will discover the aromas and tastes of a high end olive oil that has been produced in a unique area, The Sierra Subbetica Natural Park.

This spanish high quality olive oil is certified by Protected Denomination of Origin, PDO, Priego de Córdoba as an authentic olive oil from 100 year old olive trees, with a guarantee of quality straight from the countryside to your table.



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Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Cladium Hojiblanco

  • Trade Name: Cladium Hojiblanco
  • Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • Variety: Hojiblanca
  • Origin: Córdoba
  • Format: 500 ml bottle
  • Shipping: 1 bottle of 500 ml
  • Tasting notes:

This high quality extra virgin olive oil is defined by the intense fruitiness of its green olives. On the nose, balanced highlights of apple, fresh grass, tomato, green almond,aromatic herbs and banana. On the palate it is very aromatic and persistent, with a sweet almond taste backed up with a peppery finish.

Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil from hojiblanca's variety olive; it is a high end olive oil, perfect to use raw olive oil for dressing salad, pasta, pizza, grill vegetable, roast potatoes, enhacing all your dishes' flavor. It is carefully bottled to keep its nutritional value, its antioxidants and its high levels of oleic acid. Spanish olive oil that you can recognize by its ncomparable fruity taste.

This premium olive oil is unique because of  it come from the unique local conditions: climate, topography, soil and time combine to create a very different personality of those olive trees. The resulting flavours of these olive oils are completely distinct to the same varieties cultivated in other areas.

The result is a great olive oil unlike that from any other region, an olive oil from Andalusia of exceptional quality and internationally renowned taste, an extra virgin oliveoil whose origins are unmistakable.

exceptional extra virgin olive oil of high quality to diary use in your dishes. Enjoy of the ingredient most important of mediterranean diet and win health.



This mill, Aroden, has been awarded, in several times, from the creation of Cladium, Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards Cladium

Extra Virgin Olive Oil awards Cladium before 2014

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Designation of Origin
Priego de Córdoba
Cladium / Cladivm


Awards was got by CLAUDIVM

Oliveoilflavors-Awards was got by CLAUDIVM- Best Olive Oil in the World

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