Olive Oil Picudo

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Andalusian extra virgin olive oil, variety picudo, is fluid well balanced and sweetness. Light taste and smell which remember exotic fruit with a slight taste to almond and apple. Perfect balance between hote and bitterness. Middle oleic acid contents and very sensitive to rust.

This olive oil is producted in Andalusia, Spain, concretely, the production zone are Córdoba, Granada, Málaga and Jaén, counties with a more than 35.000 ha. cultivated. In Córdoba, Picudo olive is the main variety and the fourth andalusian variety in planting area.

Cold Pressed extra virgin olive oil variety Picudo of superior category is obtained directly form olives and solely by mechanical means, getting a truly excellent extra virgin olive oil of high quality.

Picudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is excellent  in warm salads, gazpachos, and pastries.