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  • Olive Oil Cornicabra

    Spanish extra virgin olive oil, cornicabra variety, cold pressed olive oil of high quality, is fruity and aromatic, showing balanced values of bitter and spicy. It is characteristic, the appearance of different flavors and textures from exotic fruits.

    Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil, variety Cornicabra is ideal for frying and cooking. In proper temperature conditions, without over-heating, it undergoes no substantial structural change and keeps its nutritional value better than other oils, not only because of the antioxidants but also due to its high levels of oleic acid.

  • Olive Oil Arbequina
  • Olive Oil Coupage


    Extra Virgin Olive oil coupage is a blend of premium olive oil in order to complement the qualities and avoid very intense flavors. The adding of one extra virgin olive oil to another to improve or enhance its qualities so get  a unique coupage, plenty of pleasant fruity flavor.

    Monovarietal olive oil (extra virgin olive oil extracted by a only variety of olive fruit) is possible have spice flavor or by by contrast it has a intense bitterness aftertaste or strong green freshly cut grass taste, that could be undesirable. At no case, it is a blend of low quality.

    Making a premium coupage olive oil is a meticulous process that requires dedication and preparation by the olive oil tasting master, searching between the best extra virgin olive oils, complementaries olive oils to get silkily blend, full of taste, with bitterness and spiciness flavor balanced and a long pleasant intense aftertaste.

    In Spain there are more than 260 varieties of olive trees, the most importants by its  extention grown are: Picual, hojiblanca, Cornicabra y Arbequina. Premium extra virgin olive oil comes from the cold pressed of first days harvest, at optimum ripeness, it is characterized intense fruity and fresh aroma and taste. Superior category olive oil (high quality extra virgin olive oil) is obtained directlu from olives and solely by mechanical means.

    Only, extra virgin olive oils are used to make coupage olive oil with premium quality, with some sensory unrepeatable characteristics, a true delight on your palate.

  • Olive Oil Manzanilla


    Single variety extra virgin olive oil obtained cold pressing over autochthonous Manzanilla Cacereña olives. It is a slightly sweet extra virgin olive oil, with great balance between bitterness and pungent showing that it is a high quality olive oil. Pure extra virgin olive oil characterized by its fruity intensity with remarkable banana, apple and freshly cut grass aromas and its greenish-gold colour.
    High end extra virgin olive oil, 100% Manzanilla Cacereña olives that are mainly cultivated in the region Sierra de Gata-Hurdes, located in the Extremadura's northwest (southwest of Spain). This is a place of great environmental and landscape value.

  • Olive Oil Lechin


    The organoleptic characteristics of premium olive oil, variety Lechín are:
    It is a fluid olive oil, with vegetable flavors, medium bitterness and a green almond aftertaste in the mouth. It is a olive oil full of freshness and herbal aromas, perfect to dressing for salad, bread dipping or drizzling olive oil on pizza or fish.

    Usually tend not to commercialize varietal oils Lechín, but if it intervenes to complement other varieties such as hojiblanca and picual.
    The high content of palmitic acid (12-13%) is made up for by the reduced content of stearic acid and by the low totals of saturated acid produced by these olives.

    Lechin Olives are medium to large olives that ripen to black that are grown for the pale yellow oil that they yield.The oil yield is about 18 to 25%, depending on the variety.

    There are two varieties of olive trees, Lechin de Sevilla and Lechin de Granada. Lechin de Granada is preferred in Granda and Almería, Lechin de Sevilla is preferred in Seville, Cadiz, and Córdoba.

    The name "Lechin" comes from the Spanish word for milk, "leche", referring to the whitish colour of the olive inside.

    Now you have the oportunity discover authentic lechin olive oil flavor without blend, at our online olive oil shop from Spain, where we only sell extra virgin olive oil of high quality.

  • Olive Oil Picudo


    Andalusian extra virgin olive oil, variety picudo, is fluid well balanced and sweetness. Light taste and smell which remember exotic fruit with a slight taste to almond and apple. Perfect balance between hote and bitterness. Middle oleic acid contents and very sensitive to rust.

    This olive oil is producted in Andalusia, Spain, concretely, the production zone are Córdoba, Granada, Málaga and Jaén, counties with a more than 35.000 ha. cultivated. In Córdoba, Picudo olive is the main variety and the fourth andalusian variety in planting area.

    Cold Pressed extra virgin olive oil variety Picudo of superior category is obtained directly form olives and solely by mechanical means, getting a truly excellent extra virgin olive oil of high quality.

    Picudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is excellent  in warm salads, gazpachos, and pastries.

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