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Spanish extra virgin olive oil in bottles 5 litres is perfect to cooking daily and lead a healthy diet mediterranean. You can enjoy a fragrant and fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil of high quality at best price in cheap format 5L.
The flavor of Extra Virgin Olive Oil can change dramatically depending on the climate, soil conditions, and the numerous varieties of olive trees we have today (more than 265 varieties in Spain), each of which produces one of a kind flavors profile having unique nutritional and chemical properties.
This traditional, rich and fruity good Olive Oil is perfect on salads, jacket potatoes, vegetables, meat and fish and is ideal for dipping bread, basting, roasting, frying and marinating.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural and alive product. That means that any incidence in his environment (a change of temperature or a change of the packing in which it settles) will influence its properties. The kindness of the high quality olive oil has being proclaimed for several years. Diet specialists all over the world have alredy advised that extra virgin olive oil of high quality is an ideal complement for a healthy diet, and they have emphasized its great contributions to the widely praised Mediterranean diet.

In the numerous studies that speak about the Mediterranean diet, the premium extra virgin olive oil is the leading role as the healthiest complement. Its tolerance for the human organism, after more than 6000 years consuming it is absolute. It has been demonstrated that the olive oil is benefecial for the diabetes. Also it is advantangeous to the cardiovascular system, his decisive intervention in the plasmatic liquids, cholesterol and triglycerides, reduces the oxidation of cholesterol and avoids the development of arterial sclerosis. Last research shows extra virgin olive oil can reduce risk of  heart disease, heart attacks, strokes.