Olive Oil PDO

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The Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), certifies the quality of olive oil mills and trademarks and the best Extra Virgin Olive oil obtained, bottling with a specific label. Just those extra virgin olive oils which have passed the strict controls applied to these companies, guaranteed the consumers the quality of the final product. Apart from the controls about the elaboration process made during the harvest, it is very important the “tank by tank” control carried out by each Regulatory Council to guarantee the quality of each batch of olive oil.

Each Regulatory Council analyses all the olive oil cellar of the mills inscribed. The samples, taken previously by a technician of the Regulatory Council to certify the origin of extra virgin olive oil.
According to this quality process, the Regulatory Council guarantees the origin of the extra virgin olive oil, its quality (extra virgin olive oil) and the absence of chemical products in all the batches of olive oil bottled with the label of this Designation of Origin.