About us

Just ordinary farmers who know and care for our land its produce.


Welcome to Oliveoilflavors! Our mission is bring extra virgin olive oil straight the from fields to your table.

We have been raised alongside the olive tree and knowledge of, both the tree and its fruit, has passed across generations.  From ancient times, extra virgin Olive oil has been  part of our land and our culture.

Both independant and cooperative farmers are skilled in the production of extra virgin Olive oil. The characteristic taste of EVOO is a result of the tradition, skill and artisan know-how, passed down through generations of farmers..

A excelente extra virgin Olive oil is achieved only with effort, hard work and love . Plowing, pruning olive trees, taking dedicated care, only in this way, can we acquire the best extra virgin Olive oil. Fruit collected at the correct time of ripeness, reaps its reward from Nature: Our extra virgin Olive oil is the natural juice obtained from the olive that has been processed (extracted) in the mill by only physical means of cold extraction.

Supermarkets line their shelves with the exotic branded olive oils you see today. They all basically taste the same because they are blends of olive oils from various different places with a fancy bottle and a fancy name. We are just ordinary farmers who know and care our land and its produce.

Extra virgin Olive oil is the star ingredient of the mediterranean diet. It is highly recommended and praised by the entire medical community and, nowadays we all know the important benefits: That olive oil bestows upon our bodies and its power to reduce cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and combat heart disease.

Allow us to share our passion with you for what we know to be one of nature’s most perfect and healthy nutriments.