high quality olive oil Bravoleum Frantoio
  • high quality olive oil Bravoleum Frantoio
  • high quality olive oil Bravoleum Frantoio


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In the valley of the Guadalquivir, in the countryside south of the Sierra Morena, under Sun' light of Andalusia, Bravoleum Frantoio is born, a high quality extra virgin olive oil  with aromas of grass, tomato and olive leaf; With important nuances of almond and artichoke accompany this extra virgin olive oil extracted from cold pressed. A true high end olive oil that will give that special touch to your dishes.



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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bravoleum

  • Trade Name: Bravoleum Premium
  • Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • Variety: Frantoio
  • Origin: Jaén
  • Format: 500 ml bottle
  • Shipping: 1 bottle of 500 ml
  • Tasting notes: 

High quality extra virgin olive oil with an intense green fruity flavor. The extra virgin olive oil, Bravoleum Frantoio, presents aromas of grass, tomato and olive leaf; With important nuances of almond and artichoke. On the palate, this good spanish olive oil, is very balanced with a medium-low bitterness and a more intense spicy, while, at same time, is pleasant. High end olive oil, complex and balanced, ideal for its enjoyment in cold dishes and crude olive oil.


This top Olive oil from the olive groves that located in the foothills of the Sierra Morena, between Bailen and Andujar, at an altitude of 400 metres.

Its exceptional location in the Valley of the Guadalquivir and includes high ecological valued enclaves of Mediterranean forest with a wide variety of fauna and flora.

The climate in this area is largely determined by the peculiar structure of the Valley of the Guadalquivir, which, thanks to fact it opens out to the ocean, allows cloud masses to enter, crossing the corridor from West to East aided by the dominant winds and causing important rainfall during the Spring and Autumn. Regarding rain measurements, two periods with maximum rainfall may be observed in November-December and in March-April. The driest period (summer) is characteristic of the Mediterranean climate. This means that the olive groves are located, without any doubt, in the optimum climate due to its geographical location between the countryside of the Guadalquivir River and the Sierra Morena, for obtaining oils with a special aromatic quality.

Premium extra virgin olive oil, Bravoleum, is the result of the combination of all factors, obtaining an high quality olive oil, with fruity and silky flavor. The real juice of olives.


Awards received by the mill in 2016 - 2017

Spanish olive oil Bravoleum, awards

Bravoleum Frantoio
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