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Spanish extra virgin olive oil 5 litres
  • Spanish extra virgin olive oil 5 litres

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Spanish Olive Oil 5L - Olive oil Deals

  • Trade Name: La Olivarera
  • Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Variety: Cornicabra olive oil
  • Origin: Toledo. spanish olive oil
  • Format: olive oil 5L bottle
  • Shipping: olive oil 5L bottle
  • Tasting notes:


Extra virgin olive oil variety cornicabra, presents colour shades that range from golden yellow to deep green. In tasting, full fruitiness and balanced flavour are noticed, together with notes of apple and almond attached to a symphony of aromas and taste of fresh and ripe fruit. Of coourse, this high quality olive oil exclusively from the extra virgin category, which are extraited at low temperatures, solely through the use of physical means (no chemicals), thereby conserving intact the flavor and aroma of the fruit from which they come. Cornicabra olive oil considered one of the best in the world in reason it contains a large amount of antioxidants, the extra virgin olive oil from Los Montes de Toledo in centre of Spain.

Spanish extra virgin olive oil: cornicabra olive oil


In the centre of the Iberian Peninsula there is a low altitude mountain range known as Los Montes de Toledo. This area is of great ecological value, comprising the Cabañeros nature reserve where many endangered species coexist, such as the lynx and the golden eagle, together with wild boar, deer and roe deer.


Traditionally, the olive oils produced here have been highly regarded by olive oil connoisseurs for their extraordinary quality, which since long ago has been termed colloquially as Tipo Toledo (Toledo Type). This high quality of olive oil is due to the presence of exceptionally favourable conditions for olive tree cultivation in both climate and soil, in addition to the use of theCornicabra olive variety. Cornicabra is native to this region and is fruit of the slow selection process conducted by settlers of the area throughout time: from the first Phoenicians until today, including the Roman and Arab civilizations. This process has resulted in Cornicabra’s excelling adaptation to the environment.


The olive oils protected by Denominación de Origen Protegida Montes de Toledo (D.O.P.) (Protected Appellation of Origin), must meet the demanding product specifications established which regulate their production process. These specifications cover all the stages of production and guarantee not only the origin of the extra virgin olive oil, the main differentiating characteristic, but also its traceability. It details the required conditions of the olive groves, their harvest, the transportation of the olives, as well as the processing of the olive fruit and its storage and packaging; without forgetting the physicochemical and organoleptic features.


Now you can enjoy a good extra virgin olive oil in 5 litres bottle, high quality olive oil in great deals!

Garrafa 5L Olivarera cornicabra
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Montes de Toledo
Olive Oil 5L
Olive Oil 5L
La Olivarera

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