Cooking with good quality spanish olive oil: Mushrooms with fin herbs

Ingredients (serves four)

- 600 g (1 1/4 lb) mushrooms

- 1/2  tsp rosemary

- 1 tsp thyme

- 1/2  lemon

- 3 cloves garlic

- Ground black pepper

- 200 ml (1/3  pint) extra virgin olive oil

- salt


Clean the mushrooms with a cloth and remove the sandy stalks. Cut any large mushrooms into pieces, leaving the smaller ones whole.

In a bowl, mix the extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, Thyme, pepper and sliced garlic. Add the mushrooms, coating them evenly, and place in the refrigerator to marinate for three hours.

After this time, fry the mushrooms along with the marinade on a high heat until all the liquid is evaporated. Sprinkle with salt, drizzle a little lemon over and serve.