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Good quality Olive Oil 5 litres La Laguna
  • Good quality Olive Oil 5 litres La Laguna
  • Good quality Olive Oil 5 litres La Laguna


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Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil "La Laguna" offers an exceptional "bouquet", a blend of the varieties of Picual, Picudo and Hojiblanca olives, harvested  at the ideal moment of maturation. which brings from each variety its best characteristics, making an high quallity olive oil, excellent taste to the palate, silky: ideal for any type of dish.


Good Olive Oil extraited by cold pressed from the best selection of picual, picudo and hojiblanca olives from the best olive trees located in the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park (Andalusia).


"La Laguna" , artisan extra virgin olive oil a true juice of the olives. Now you can enjoy this extra virgin olive oil 5 litre for your comfort.

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SPECIAL OFFERS: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Litres - La Laguna

  • Trade Name: La Laguna
  • Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • Variety: Picudo, Picual and Hojiblanca
  • Origin: Baena Cordoba
  • Format: 1 extra virgin olive oil bottle of 5 litres
  • Shipping: 3 bottles of 5 litres of extra virgin olive oil
  • Tasting notes: 

Extra virgin olive oil La Laguna shows an aroma of ripe olive, green apple and almond. In the mouth, we can appreciate notes of medium fruity, light sweet with a bitterness and spicy subtle.

Extra virgin olive oil from three varieties picual, picudo and hojiblanca in different proportions, harmoniously mixtured by the master of the mill. Olive oil of superior category of the first cold extraction of olives of own production, harvested in different olive grove in their ideal maturation moment.


Each olive oil of high quality, brings its best characteristics, making it a fresh fruity olive oil and excellent taste to the palate, ideal for any type of dish.


Good Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained by cold pressed from the best selection of olives of the Picual, Picudo and Hojiblanca varieties of landscape, a traditional crop using the most modern techniques; The olive groves are located south of Córdoba, in the villages of Luque and Baena, in the heart of Andalusia itself, on gently sloping land, in a unique location at the foot of the Sierra Subbéticas Natural Park. For its uniqueness and predominance of the varieties hojiblanca and picudo, the artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, "La Laguna",


Factors that have an effect on the quality of "La Laguna" olive oil are: a unique microclimate characterized by irregular rainfall and temperatures range between 9 ° and 29.5 ° in summer and temperatures are mild in winter, along with a  mountainous terrain.


Nowadays, the old olive oil mill that Antonio López Ortiz built back in 1918, has been modernized and replaced by a modern system that does not produce any vegetable water. Their olive juice comes from the best olive groves in the south of Cordoba, in the towns of Luque and Baena, where their successors have managed to place their olive oil as one with best flavor and aroma. Now you can enjoy this brillant extra virgin olive oil 5 litre for your comfort in a cheap bulk.



Aceite de oliva La Laguna 3X5L
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Olive Oil 5L
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La Laguna

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