Galician Style Octopus


Ingredients (four portions):

1 octopus of 2 kilos

500 grams of potatoes


Spicy paprika


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, "Las 7 encinas" variety arbequina.


If it's a fresh octopus first we must soften the octopus, there are two ways to this, you can either beat it with a wooden rolling pin until its texture softens or freeze it for two days and defrost it the day before cooking it in the fridge (put it in a bowl because it will release a lot of liquid)

Dice the onion and add it to a pan with water. When it begins to boil is time to add the octopus. Grab it's head and dip it in the pan three times. After the third time you put it in and take it out add to the pan permanently. Cook for 50 minutes

Once cooked remove the pan from the fire and let it cool for 15 minutes.

Using the same water in which the octopus was cooked, cook the potatoes. While they boil dice the octopus in medium sized slices.

When the potatoes are cooked remove from water. peel them and  cut the potatoes in medium sized slices, add to a platter. We add the octopus slices on top.

The final touch is adding the extra virgin olive oil and paprika and abundant coarse salt. You can prepare a vinaigrette previously or add the ingredients separately.