(Cold tomato sooup)

Gazpacho 西班牙冻汤与特级初榨橄榄油

Ingredients (serves four):

750 g (1 3/4 lb) ripe tomatoes

250 g (9 oz) stale bread

1 green pepper

1 cucumber

1 clove garlic


200 ml (1/3 pint) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (To enhance the tomato flavor, use Picual variety; if you prefer a fruity and smooth flavor, arbequina or hojiblanca variety  are perfect.)



First, wash all the vegetables. Peel and chop the tomatoes and cucumber, slice the pepper, peel and halve the garlic and break up the bread. Place all these ingredients in a blender and mix with the extra virgin olive oil, a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of salt.

Blend to form a smooth cream, then add 500 ml (just under a pint) of water. Mix well and check for vinegar and salt, adding more if needed (or a little more water).

Place in the refrigerator for a few minute, to be served cold.

Stir well before serving. Accompany with small pieces of tomato, cucumber, croutons and even hard boiled egg , finely chopped, on the side, to be added to the soup according to taste.