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Gaulos Olive oil
  • Gaulos Olive oil
  • Gaulos Olive oil

Gaulos Olive oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gaulos

5 spanish varieties olive oil

Annually, between the months of November and December the olive harvest is carried out. Depending on the microclimate of each area and the variations of temperature and rainfall of each year, the olive reaches its selected state of maturity at a different time. It is just at this time when olives must be harvested through processes that are respectful to the olive grove.


The different varieties of olive trees, naturally produce different varieties of olives such as Picual, Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Cornicabra. Each type of olive has a different selected maturity, and each one brings something totally different to the extra virgin olive oil, wearing each dish with different aromas, textures and nuances.






Gaulos- 有机特级初榨橄榄油,来自西班牙。

  • 商品名: Gaulos
  • 分类: 有机特级初榨橄榄油,来自西班牙。
  • 品种: Hojiblanca, Cornicabra, Picual, Arbequina, Coupage
  • 原产地:  西班牙的不同地区
  • 格式: 500 ml 瓶
  • 航运: 5 瓶 of 500 ml
  • 口感: 

Arbequina olive oil: Fruity oil with aroma of green apple, grass and fresh almond. Special for seafood, fish and fruit salads.

Hojiblanca olive oil: An Olive Oil that shows spicy attributes in throat with a taste of pleasant bitterness. Highly recommended for fish such as trout and salmon, as well as for both meat and fish carpacho.

Cornicabra olive oil: An Olive Oil with a slight bitterness and burning aftertaste at the beginning of tasting. Its unique qualities macerate with the meat, specially for lamb, pork and turkey.

Picual olive oil: An Olive oil with a scent of freshly cut grass and green almond. It is an oil of great personality with great balance. Special for ham, salads, cold creams and cheeses..

Coupage: It is an unique blend of olive oils of the highest quality with a combination of the above varieties, which our master miller takes care in order to enrich a wide variety of dishes.

The consumption of the extra virgin olive oil Gaulos is a gastronomic experience. In raw, each olive oil presents its differences and nuances, guiding us through a passage of flavors and aromas. In addition, each variety is recommended for cooking certain types of dishes.

High End olive oil, like Gaulos, are increasingly used by grands chefs from all around the world, since it enhances food pairings and it has become the basis for some modern, exquisite and fine cooking dishes.

Gaulos 5 pack olive oil
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