Buy spanish Olive Oil 5 litres variety arbequina
  • Buy spanish Olive Oil 5 litres variety arbequina


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Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 litres, Hacienda El Palo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 5-litres bottle of Arbequina variety, Hacienda El Palo. High quality Olive Oil in 5L (unfiltered) is characterized by being a light and sweet olive oil, with delicate texture. Its flavor is fruity and sweet with nuances of apple and almond. As for its aroma, you will find notes of ripe fruits. It is very fresh and fruity.



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Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 litres - Arbequina

  • Trade Name: Hacienda El Palo
  • Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Variety: Arbequina unfiltered
  • Origin: Jaén
  • Format: Bottle 5 litres 
  • Shipping: Bottle 5 litres 
  • Tasting notes: 

Extra virgin olive oil Arbequina (unfiltered), Hacienda el Palo, shows a fresh and light multifruit aromas. On the palate, it is a good olive oil of great quality, silky, with slightly sweet entry and, hints of apple and almond. The aftertaste, it has a pleasant balance, almost imperceptible, between bitter and a spicy.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Arbequina variety. Hacienda El Palo is presented WITHOUT FILTERING, keeping tiny particles in of the olive pulp and giving it a dense and creamy texture.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior category, obtained directly from olives of Arbequina variety, harvested in the farm located in the middle basin of the river Guadalquivir, in an optimum state of rippeness. Olive oil of first cold pressed, only by mechanical meands. Therefore, it is an extra virgin olive oil with a slight fruity but of excellent quality.

As it is a NOT FILTERED olive oil, it is not recommended to use very hot, especially in frying, because it contains particles of olive pulp in suspension, they can be easily burned themself.

Extra virgin olive oil of Arbequina variety, is ideal to use raw on vegetables (fresh or cooked), fish (steaming or grilled) and pasta.
It is the most suitable olive oil for delicate dishes (sauces, pastry ...) and in general, any type of dish in which you want to avoid an intense flavor of olive oil, because it adds flavor without hiding the others.

An extraordinary high quality extra virgin olive oil in fotmat of bottle of 5 litres olive oil, which you can buy with the best rate quality/price. An olive oil for daily use that will enhance your dishes' flavor with the healthiest ingredient of the Mediterranean diet: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.

Arbequina 5L s/f Hacienda Palo

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive Oil 5L
Olive Oil 5L
Hacienda El Palo

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